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Meet Our Trainers

Lacey Ramon

I am the owner of Snohomish Fitness Center and a Personal Trainer. I have 15+ years experience training athletes of all levels and abilities. Join me online for a fun, challenging and personalized workout.

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LaRae McCurry

I am a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer that enjoys creating individualized training plans that help you reach your goals. Sign up now to begin your fun and exciting workouts!

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Portrait of group of women posing togeth

Our trainers use the app Trainerize to create a personalized workout for you based on your goals, your available exercise equipment, and the amount of time you can spend exercising each day. You can also use the app to track your progress.


The trainers will create the workouts, provide an exercise calendar and be available for contact via messaging through the app.

If you and a group of friends are interested in getting together for group workouts, our trainers also provide group training. Grab your phone, grab your friends, and lets get to work!

What do you get with online personal training?

Portrait of group of women posing togeth


"Lacey is a great person and trainer. Always keeping me going and pushing my limits..."

—  J. Thorndycraft

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