Sports Performance

Class or Private Training Available

This program is for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Using scientifically proven methods for performance enhancement each participant will have a training program created by our expert sports performance coach and then will be coached through each session to help take them to the next level. 

Never let the fear of failing discourage you from trying.

- Sue Bird

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Nutrition Programing

Monthly Coaching

 This nutrition program is a personalized program to gain muscle and/or cut fat. You work one-on-one with a nutrition coach with weekly check ins. The coach will continuously modify your program to help you reach your fitness goals. 

In the sports arena I would say there is nothing like training and preparation. 

- Venus Williams


Cary Stark

Sports Performance Coach

Cary Stark, or Stark, is our Sports Performance coach, as well as a personal trainer, and Rock Steady Boxing coach.  He is originally from Texas, but has been living in Washington on and off for about 11 years.  Stark is currently working towards his BS in Kinesiology and working in the fitness industry is a passion turned career.  Aside from being a strength athlete, he is really into the sport of roller derby.  Stark currently coaches three leagues, as well as plays for the number four ranked team globally.  He loves introducing people to functional, practical strength building routines and tracking results to keep them motivated.  Stark lives by the motto 'be the best version of you' - something he aims to instill in everyone he trains with!

When I look in the mirror, it’s up to me to accomplish everything I want out of life.

- Shaquem Griffin

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